Offline viewing for Netflix has been available for a while on Android and Apple iOS and the feature is now making its way to Windows users, according to Windows Central. On Windows 10’s Netflix app, you can now download shows, movies and other content from Netflix to save for later viewing without needing to be online.

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As with Netflix’s offline viewing feature on other platforms, you’ll be able to save much — but not all — of Netflix’s streaming catalog due to licensing restrictions. Available titles include Netflix’s own content, which includes shows like Stranger Things and House of Cards, movies including Hot Fuzz and Moonrise Kingdom and TV shows from channels like NBC and the BBC.

If you want to download Netflix shows for offline viewing, you simply have to look for shows on Netflix’s app that have the download icon — it’s a downward arrow pointing towards a horizontal line — next to individual episodes. You can also find a full catalog of compatible shows by opening the app’s deck menu and clicking Available For Download. Here, you’ll find shows and other downloadable content sorted by genre.

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As one of Netflix’s more recent innovations, offline viewing has a lot of upsides for subscribers. If you’re in a situation where you can’t get a steady internet connection, like a subway car or flight, you can still watch your shows without interruptions. It’s a move on Netflix’s part to remove as many hurdles as possible for users and to keep them watching Netflix content. The feature is also a fringe benefit of Netflix’s push into original content — it’s easier to license shows for offline viewing when you also own them.