The Amiibo statues that Nintendo has been releasing are considered either a blessing or a curse by many gamers, but it's doubtful that many will hate the coming 8-bit Mario Amiibo. The statue reportedly could be one of the best Nintendo has released yet. Nintendo is said to have put a lot of dedication into it to make it truly look like Mario’s character in the original “Super Mario Bros.” game, which came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Mario’s 8-bit Amiibo was announced through the European Twitter page of Nintendo, which revealed two versions of the statue. The first statue mimics the color scheme of Mario’s character model in “Super Mario Bros.” while the second uses the traditional red and blue that most people seem to associate Mario with and how he’s appeared in more recent games.

A report from Polygon states that the gorgeous Mario 8-bit Amiibo is available only in Europe for now, though one can expect fan demand to play a part in bringing it to the United States. Considering how the popularity of Amiibos have risen over the years, fans probably won’t have to wait too long for the glorious statue to make its way to North American retail stores in the near future.

Both Amiibos have different release dates, with the classic Mario colors coming out on Sept. 11, while the one with the traditional colors comes out on Oct. 23. The Sept. 11 release date of the former coincides with the “Super Mario Maker” game coming to the Nintendo Wii U.

“Super Mario Maker” will allow fans to create their own levels that can be uploaded online for other players to try out as well as test their creativity and gameplay skills. In addition, the game will come with 100 levels that should provide for a fun challenge.

No release date has been announced for a stateside Mario 8-bit Amiibo. With “Super Mario Maker” slated to be a big game, it seems these Amiibos could have a limited shelf life.

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