• "Among Us" is an online social deduction game from Innersloth
  • The game is set to receive a new location called Airship map
  • While waiting for the new map, players can enjoy a custom "Among Us" mod that turns impostors into a predator

Over the past months, "Among Us" players have come up with different kinds of custom mods and mini-games to level up their gaming experience. Some mods make impostors and crewmates more powerful. Interestingly, the new mod called Shark Impostor enables impostors to run after crewmates.

The "Among Us" Shark mod or Shark Role Mod was showed by content creator Sigils on his YouTube channel. The mod allows impostors to play as a shark in the social deduction title. Crewmates will still have to finish all the tasks before they all get killed by the impostor. 

However, in this mod, instead of uncovering the identity of the impostor, crewmates are the ones getting hunted by them. Also, Shark impostors have three extra abilities in this mod and the regular abilities they have in the regular game. These are the Flood, Dash and Deep-Dive abilities.

Among Us Among Us Photo: InnerSloth

The Flood ability enables impostors to flood the entire "Among Us" map with water. It is worth noting that while the impostors can turn into a shark, they can only do so if the map is flooded. The other ability is Dash, which allows the Shark impostor to propel in a single direction with increased speed.

When using this ability, Shark impostors can kill any crewmates in the way or anyone who gets in contact with them. This also enables the impostor to kill multiple crewmates. Another ability is the Deep-Dive, which gives Shark impostors the ability to see the crewmates' locations on the mini-map. With this handy ability, the impostor can swiftly dive down and burst from underneath the crewmate's location and kill them.

This mod provides impostors a massive advantage over crewmates, making it more exciting and a little bit more challenging on the part of the crewmates to win the game. This is an exciting mod that players can enjoy while waiting for the new Airship map's arrival. Innersloth previously announced that it would roll out a new location in "Among Us" sometime this year. 

"Among Us" is now available on various gaming platforms. Gamers can enjoy it on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.