The new iOS 13 also pushes out new CarPlay app features. The app will now have more customization features and a Dark Mode setting for a different look and feel. The new features are focused on assisting the driver even more while utilizing the app.

Less Interruptions, More Consistency

The new CarPlay is now more independent and less likely to be interrupted when the driver is using it. The app will operate separately on the car’s dashboard and the iPhone it mirrors from. Previously, using the iPhone while it’s connected to the dashboard would mess up the CarPlay app and would require drivers to open it up again. With this improvement, any other passenger wanting to use the iPhone can do so as long as the phone stays plugged in to the dashboard.

If needed, Dark Mode is also available for the CarPlay app which makes use of dark colors for the app’s menus. This new setting is said to reduce eye strain from looking at a dark road and to the infotainment screen.

Do Not Disturb Feature

The CarPlay app is now also less likely to show surprise clutter with the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature. This feature would keep your iPhone silent and the screen would always be dark. Only messages with an “urgent” need would be shown to the user and every message received would be automatically replied with a notice saying that the user is driving. This feature could be activated in the Settings menu under the Control Center options. Tap the “+” sign near the Do Not Disturb While Driving to turn this feature on.

Improved Dashboard and Maps UI

The new iOS 13 update also shows a new Dashboard and Maps user interface that allows the user to interact with it differently. The dashboard now normally shows a music player, directional information, and a brief view of Apple Maps.

The Siri Suggestions would also still be available, but its content will vary depending on what the user does with Siri most of the time.

The interface can be customized inside the Settings menu under the General options. The CarPlay settings would be inside that and users can now add more tools and throw out some depending on what they need.

Lastly, the Maps UI can now be customized with the user’s usual apps. App shortcuts will be available while looking at Maps and a location history is even presented for its users. The app can also send ETA messages that would let the user’s contacts know when will they arrive at a location.

Having said all these, it’s clear that iOS 13 is bringing new improvements and tweaks that would make it easier for users to navigate the app while driving their vehicles.

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Apple's CarPlay (pictured), will be offered alongside Google's Android Auto in select models from Hyundai. Apple Inc. / CarPlay