Apple released on Tuesday the next generation of its professional photography workflow software, Aperture 3, along with a series of tutorial videos.

The latest version costs $199 for the pro-level program, while the update is $99 for existing Aperture users.

Apple said the new photo-editing and management software offers over 200 new features, including face recognition and GPS location for photos.

It expands the Aperture program's Faces and Places feature to Faces, Places and Brushes - offering users the ability to paint image adjustments onto parts of photos.

The company also rolled out a series of tutorial videos which show how all the new features work.

The tutorial videos are grouped into several categories including Getting Started, Organizing, Managing Libraries, Compare and Select, Editing Images, and Showcasing Work. Each tutorial video is only a few minutes long.

Apple's Aperture 3 tutorial videos are available at the company's Aperture Web site in QuickTime format.

Aperture 3 will run in 64-bit mode on Snow Leopard and 64-bit processors.