Tech giant Apple on Monday unveiled its new Macbooks along with a third generation of AirPod that features a $5-a-month music streaming plan.

The Macbooks will be powered by a next-generation silicon chip called the MX1, and have many features such as improved display, longer battery life, more memory options, and will come in two sizes and feature thinner bezels. The new 14-inch Macbook will be priced at $1,999 and the 16-inch Macbook will be priced at $2,499. They will be available for pre-orders on Monday before hitting store shelves next week.

The new AirPods are sweat- and water-resistant and will have sound features that were previously found in the higher-end AirPods Pro. Apple says the new AirPods will cost $179. The new AirPods will support spatial audio and feature a new design similar to the AirPod Pro. The case will charge magnetically and feature a six-hour battery life.

The company will also launch a $99 smart speaker HomePod Mini that will come in a variety of colors.

Apple has faced supply-chain issues that have mostly impacted the iPad and Mac. The company has considered cutting its iPhone production goals for the year due to chip shortages.