A new report says a new “Batman” game will be revealed during the 2019 Game Awards.

The report comes courtesy of YouTuber SLCMOF, who has covered and leaked alleged information around possible “Batman” games following 2015’s “Batman: Arkham Knight.” He said the game will be among the multiple game reveals and updates to drop during the Game Awards on Dec. 12.

No other information has been provided about what the new game would possibly be about.

It also isn’t the first time SLCMOF has leaked alleged information about a possible “Batman” game, either. He previously leaked alleged concept art of a game centered on Batman’s son and current Robin, Damian Wayne. It included concepts of a run-down Gotham and alternate versions of classic villains like Black Mask, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Gorilla Grodd.

Rumors of a new “Batman” game from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have run rampant since “Arkham Knight’s” release. One of the earliest teases came in November of 2018 when a dev at WB Games Montreal was pictured wearing a shirt teasing popular villain group, The Court of Owls.

More recently, WB Games Montreal tweeted out a shifting logo that looks similar to the League of Assassin’s logo and the tag “Capture the Knight.” This caused a flurry among fans believing a reveal was imminent, though it did not happen.

Rumors picked back up in October when another well-known leaker, Sabi, that the game would be titled “Batman: Arkham Legacy” and would let players play as the entire Bat-Family. It would also be among the first wave of cross-gen games released in 2020, meaning it would release on the PS5 and Project Scarlett along with PS4 and Xbox One.

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