Sledgehammer Games will develop the next "Call of Duty" installment. Courtesy/Sledgehammer Games

Video game magazine “Game Informer” announced Thursday that its next issue will focus on the next installment of Sledgehammer Games’ popular first-person shooter “Call of Duty.”

New "Call of Duty" screenshot. Courtesy/GameInformer/Sledgehammer Games

Though the magazine shared scant details, it informed readers it would run a 12-page story that explored the game in-depth in the next issue.

We've known for a few months that Sledgehammer Games will be taking over the reins for this year's 'Call of Duty' entry, and our next cover story features 12 pages of exclusive and extensive details. We visited the studio, spoke with co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, and are ready to tell you everything we know.

Of course, we can’t tell much from the photo, other than that players will probably be able to use some high-tech weapons. There’s also something burning in the background, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for lots of firepower.

Don’t disappoint us, Sledgehammer.