Sacramento stranglehold-experimental rappers Death Grips have unleashed a new single/video called Blackjack in tandem with a dual LP announcement. Though we can't say the trio of MC Ride, producer Flatlander, and percussionist Zach Hill is polishing their aesthetic, it might be noted this is certainly coming out of somewhere more refined than their caustic 2011 LP, Exmilitary. This new track telescopes out on political undercurrents Exmilitary hinted at, offering a visual think-piece on the panopticon. We'll get back to you about Ride's lightening-fast, pissed off raps. Check it out below.

Last week, I wrote that Death Grips is the vanguard of the most important protest artists in this year of elections, protest and dissent. The announcement in a tweet Tuesday that the band will put out not one but two full-length albums in 2012 emphasizes how far ahead of the pack these gentlemen run.