While the new iPad 3 is an incredible device, one of the major drawbacks of Apple's third-generation tablet is the battery life. Apple needed its battery to power many new features in the new iPad, including the gorgeous 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina Display, high-speed 4G LTE connectivity, and a new 5-megapixel iSight camera, and while the device still maintains its famous 10 hours of battery life, users wish the new iPad could be used longer.

There are a handful of new iPad-friendly rechargeable cases and accessories, but one particular product looked promising: The HyperJuice Stand is both a stand and a battery, which comes with rubberized slots to hold the iPad at different angles. But more importantly, the HyperJuice Stand's 11,000 mAh lithium-ion battery promised a whopping 16 additional hours of battery life! I got my hands on the device to test it out, and while the HyperJuice Stand performs as promised, there are still a few drawbacks to the design.

HyperJuice Stand: Pros

Battery life. If you need additional battery life for your new iPad, the HyperJuice Stand is a great solution if you don't want your iPad tethered to a power outlet. If you keep the HyperJuice Stand fully charged, it will always deliver an additional 16 hours of battery life, which is pretty impressive considering the iPad's battery can only deliver 10 hours by itself.

Great for desks. If you don't already use a laptop or desktop computer, the HyperJuice Stand is an excellent way to turn your iPad into a mini-computer. The rubbery stand will hold your iPad without major slipping, and can hold the tablet at either an 18 degree or 45 degree angle, giving your hands and arms a rest from holding it.

HyperJuice Stand: Cons

Portability. The reason Apple invented the iPad in the first place was to make the computer truly portable. The HyperJuice Stand, while it more than doubles the battery life of the new iPad, is a poor solution for those iPad users constantly on the go. Recharging the iPad with the HyperJuice Stand requires the iPad to stay stationary, so while you have a total of 26 hours between your iPad's battery and the HyperJuice Stand battery, you can't go anywhere. It almost ruins the point of having an iPad battery in the first place if you can't move with it.

Cords. First of all, HyperShop doesn't provide all of the cords you need to make the HyperJuice Stand for iPad actually work. In fact, you need to provide your own USB cord with a 32-pin dock connector to connect the HyperJuice Stand to the iPad; HyperShop only provides a cord that connects the battery to a power source. In addition to that annoyance, the entire working system looks and feels very clumsy. The cord connecting the HyperJuice Stand to the wall and the extra cord connecting the Stand to the iPad is a poor design, and these cables get in the way of typing and enjoying one's entertainment. If HyperJuice is serious about improving the experience, it needs to add a 32-pin dock connector into the stand, or it needs to create (and provide) a shorter USB cable that connects from the Stand to the iPad.

HyperJuice Stand: Conclusion

If you're really looking for an iPad stand -- and only a stand -- the HyperJuice Stand for iPad is a great solution. Even though you'll continually need to recharge it, the HyperJuice Stand can be recharged up to 1,000 times, and it doesn't take too long to charge up.

However, if you want an iPad charger that can extend the battery life on your iPad without sacrificing its mobility, this is not the option for you. There are too many cords involved -- some of which are not included in the package -- and it's really not meant to be carried around, but ultimately, the HyperJuice Stand performs exactly as it says it does. Unfortunately, that's still not enough.

Price: $129.99 (comes with a one-year warranty)

Rating: TWO STARS (out of five)