Inspired by the phenomenal graphics of the new iPad, we’ve collected the best apps that optimize the Retina Display. apple

Whether you camped out, waited, bought one at an outrageous price or fought your way to the front of the line -- You did it. You bought the new iPad, and now that you have this beautiful device at your fingertips, you're going to want to fill it up with the best-looking apps available at the Apple App Store.

The new iPad's Retina Display is one of the most praised features of the new device -- one of the few that differentiates it from the iPad 2. The new iPad's screen has a 2048x1536 resolution and supports 1080p high-definition graphics, which makes it one of the most visually stunning devices running Apple iOS.

Inspired by the phenomenal graphics of the new iPad, we've collected the best apps that show off the stunning resolution of Apple's Retina Display. Here's some of the best looking software from the Apple App Store for the new iPad:

1. iPhoto

Apple spent a large chunk of time showing off the new iLife production suite at company'special event held earlier this month. At the center of the demonstration was iPhoto -- one of the premier photo-editing suites favored by many for its ease-of-use.

Now that the popular photo-editing software has been upgraded to take advantage of the iPad's multi-touch capabilities, iPhoto includes a plethora of tools that will help people touch-up their photos. This is a must-have app and simply one of the best on the new iPad. [download link]

2. Infiniti Blade II

Say hello to the Unreal gaming engine -- on the iPad. This popular RPG is immaculately detailed and features massive levels, building off the traditions set by earlier games in the series. It's one of the few games that shows off the true processing power of the new iPad and breaks through the hardcore-gaming threshold by creating an immersive world that's about as good as anything available on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. [download link]

3. Real Racing 2

Do you enjoy detailed environments zipping across your screen as you drive well-over 100 mph? If so, you'll love Real Racing 2. Nothing captures the realism of a racing a super-charged vehicle than this game. It's sure to have fans of all things fast drooling over the possibilities. Tire skids never looked so good. [download link]

4. New York Times

The Old Gray Lady has embraced tablet technology better than any other newspaper in the country. For that, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the best multimedia journalism on the market using the New York Times iPad app. Browse the paper like never before, with high-definition photography from some of the best in the game. This app shows off the talent at the Times in a fashion never done before. [download link]

5. Mass Effect Infiltrator

Although it's tough for any tablet game to match the complexity of one created for a new-generation gaming system such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 -- this game comes pretty close. From the creators of Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Infiltrator is the type of game that you'll want to play for much longer than one subway ride. [download link]

6. Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy

Sky Gambling is a sure bet for flight fans. Created by the legendary game production company, Namco, this game serves up all you could ask of a high-flying action game. The gameplay is exciting and is set off by absolutely stunning environments. If you're into jets and explosions, this is the game you've been waiting for. [download link]

7. ABC Player and NBC Player

Let's be honest: One of the reasons you bought your brand new tablet was to watch video content off of it, which is why you'll especially enjoy the players from network television companies such as ABC and NBC. The companies' players offer up the latest official content including on-demand re-runs of shows that recently aired. Now it won't be so hard to keep up with your favorite channels. [ABC app] [NBC app]