The new iPad Release Review
On Wednesday, Apple finally unveiled its third generation iPad, known simply as "the new iPad," to tech aficionados around the world. Here we review its features and see if it is worth the upgrade from an iPad 2. Apple

The big question being asked by everyone is - should they buy the New iPad, or should they just simply keep going with the iPad 2 since the device is still the number one selling tablet? We have evaluated the New iPad and have come to the conclusion that this device is not worth picking up for five main reasons, reasons we have discussed below.

No Siri

How could Apple announce a new iOS based iDevice and fail to add Siri as part of the feature set? Instead, Apple added voice dictation, which is nothing compared to the Siri we have come to love since its debut on the iPhone 4S. Siri’s human-like interaction and fun-to-use features would have been one of the main selling points of the New iPad, but as it turns out, this will not be the case.

For those who are going to jump in nonetheless, we are sure someone out there will find a way to get Siri working on your New iPad.

No LED Flash

Some might say, hey, this is a tablet and not a solid tool for taking photographs, so there’s no need for LED Flash. In response to that, we would say, we are paying a lot of money for the New iPad, and because of that, we want the best our money can buy. The high resolution display on the device should not be used to view mediocre pictures – that’s totally unacceptable. Users want what they pay for, not a short hand of it, and that is what the New iPad is offering.

Quad Core CPU Lacking

Sure there’s a Quad Core GPU, but that’s just not enough. The New iPad will be in for the competition of its life when manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola begins rolling out new Quad Core tablets later in 2012. By the middle of the year, Apple’s new tablet will be below the pile when it comes down to hardware specifications. Omitting a decent Quad Core from the New iPad is a blunder, one that could come back to haunt Apple.

5 Megapixel Camera Is Not Enough

No, we are not being unfair. Apple could have easily added the same 8-megapixel camera found on the iPhone 4S, but instead it chose to go with a 5-megapixel shooter instead. This move is not one we are proud of. The New iPad is a tablet and not a camera, but we would like to take great pictures with anything that incorporates a camera so we are being fair.

iOS 5.1 Hasn’t Changed Much

After using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a Dell Inispiron Duo, it is clear that tablets require a full Operating System to be more productive. With the New iPad’s gorgeous HD capacitive display, Apple could have done so much more to take advantage of it. Instead, the device is filled with a sea of grid icons. iOS needs a major overhaul, or, how about porting OS X over since everyone who uses an iPad would prefer to have a real OS than an application drawer.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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