Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the new Apple iPad both will run on AT&T's 4G LTE network starting March 16, so can the Galaxy Tab finally outrun its longtime nemesis? Samsung and Apple have been battling for consumers' dollars and fighting in court during the two-year-old tablet war, and Samsung has even taken to putting out different tablet sizes nearly every other month. There's a 7-inch, 7.7-inch (Verizon LTE version), the 8.9, a 10-inch and now the Galaxy Note Tab 10-inch. Not to mention the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note smartphone itself.

So why would people want the 8.9 in particular? It's the one closest in size to the iPad besides the 10-inch. The Galaxy Tab 10 has been out for nearly a year, so the 8.9 does feature some upgrades, but it has the same CPU and some similar software. Besides that, it runs on AT&T's 4G network, something more and more people will be opting for now that it is compatible with the new iPad. That's one of the major features that stands out on the 8.9. Addtionally, if bought with a two-year contract and new data plan, its over $100 cheaper than the iPad. Start the slideshow to see how these two amazing tablets compare. Tell us in the comments if you think Samsung finally nailed this one or if it will take the Galaxy Note Tab 10 to knock off the iPad

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