• PS5 is still a few months away from its official release
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan earlier confirmed that there are still lots of unannounced feature that fans don't know about the PS5
  • A new leak reveals that the PS5 will come with a new feature that will allow gamers to try a free demo first before purchasing the game

Following rumors of a possible full PS5 reveal happening this month or early next month, a new leak surfaced recently claiming that Sony will ship a killer feature on its next generation gaming console. If the recent leak is accurate, fans may have discovered one of the major unannounced PS5 features that Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan earlier teased. The rumored feature will surely benefit gamers, especially those who want to first try the game before purchasing it.

The latest PS5 leak comes from a Twitter account dubbed as PS5 Only. According to the Twitter user named Console Time, the next generation gaming console from Sony would introduce a new feature on the PlayStation Store User Interface. The leaker claims that the new user interface would allow users to browse and even try every game.

The tipster also underlines that access to free game demo is instant, and users could enjoy them in seconds. Additionally, the upcoming PS5 feature would no longer require users to download the game for them to get a taste of what the game would be like. It would do away the traditional way of purchasing games. Sony provides PS Now for PlayStation 4 users, which enables them to stream old and new titles, but it comes with a subscription fee.

PlayStation Now Andrew House
PlayStation 5 might have a Pro version based on the new statement of Sony's Executive Vice President, who hinted this possibility. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Sony’s rival Microsoft has a better offer with its Xbox Game Pass. The Japanese gaming giant might have come up with a much better way to beat its competitor in this particular front. It is also an effective way to entice Xbox users to try the PS5 instead of the Xbox Series X. If the leak is accurate, this is the first time that users would be able to play the game’s free demo before actually purchasing it.

Earlier this year, Sony confirmed that the PS5 is capable of downloading particular parts of the game, bypassing the traditional full download before players could enjoy the title. This only widens the possibility that the leak about the new PS5 PlayStation Store User Interface could be true. But, at this point, since this is just a leak and not a piece of official information, it is safe to take this with a good measure of salt.