Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio's futuristic designs include the automotive, yacht, aerospace, and architecture fields. The company drew new attention this week for combining two completely different ways of travel into one.

The "Air Yacht" will be made of carbon fiber with the ability to only run off of helium, ultralight batteries, and solar panels. The design is being classified as the first “sustainable flying transportation” vehicle that uses zero emissions, according to information obtained by CNN Travel during an interview Wednesday with a Lazzarini spokesperson.

The design was first introduced on Jan. 12. on Lazzarini's website, along with the release of a demo video.

It is estimated to cost around $621 million and will measure around 262 feet long. The body of the yacht is constructed of two giant “blimps” that can be accessed by walking across a bridge. It will come with 10 passenger suites including a master suite, living room, dining area and a swimming pool.

The yacht’s ability to fly and sail can be done through special technology that has been designed specifically for it.

"The Air Yacht is pushed down from the rotation of the engines and can stand in the water through a depressurization of helium and ballast anchor system," a spokesperson for Lazzarini said.

Air Yacht is still in its earlier design process. The company expects to launch a prototype later this year that will be a smaller 78-foot version.

Lazzarini estimates that it would take around five years to construct and collect the helium required.

"We are currently seeking investors and partners able to fund the project in order to speed up the process," a spokesperson for Lazzarini said.