sam smith new album
Sam Smith, who attended the Virgin Holiday’s Attitude Awards 2017 at The Roundhouse on Oct. 12, 2017 in London, released a new album on Friday. Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Welcome to November’s first New Music Friday.

Ring in the new month by switching out your old playlist with a shiny new one, filled with the top tracks that just dropped today.

Artists like Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini and Sam Smith released new music on Friday and their songs will be all you want to listen to for days to come.

Here’s the full list of tunes you need to be listening to.

Sam Smith – “Baby, You Make Me Crazy”

The long-awaited second album from Smith, “The Thrill of it All,” is finally here and it’s everything fans wanted it to be and more. It’s filled with beautifully-sung ballads and soulful songs, but, musically, this is one of the songs that really stands out from the rest. It takes everything that Smith is and combines it with a bit of funkiness to create a cool new style.

Taylor Swift – “Call It What You Want”

Though she previously sang about the old Taylor Swift being dead now, this latest love song of hers is the perfect blend of old Taylor and new Taylor.

Maroon 5 – “Closure”

The band’s latest album, “Red Pill Blues,” dropped on Friday, and it contains a selection of songs featuring the recent Maroon 5 sound we’ve come to know, but this song is an interesting take on that for them. With hints of jazz and funk, this song is exciting and different, which they seemed to really enjoy as they’ve given the song over 10 minutes to play. The first three minutes contain lyrics before tampering out to just the fun music.

Blake Shelton – “At The House”

Shelton’s “Texoma Shore” released on Friday and “At The House” is one of the really fun and catchy songs off of it that’ll make you want to just go for a drive, put down the windows and sing along, whether you know the words or not.

Kelsea Ballerini – “In Between”

A lot of albums came out on Friday, but Ballerini’s “Unapologetically” is one of the ones that must be listened to-- and then listened to again and again. It’s that country pop album the world so desperately needed. This song shows Ballerini’s maturity as it’s not always easy to be as introspective as she is on the track. Not to mention that she does it by singing with her captivating voice backed by ballad-making music.

MAX – “Meteor”

What would happen if you combined spoken word with a melodic voice and a unique combination of beats and sounds? This out-of-this-world song.

Andy Grammer – “Smoke Clears”

Grammer continues to find new ways to pierce through the never-ending field of pop music to stand out amongst rest. This track will make you want to both dance, and be sitting down taking it all in at the same time.

Madison Beer – “Say It to My Face”

For those who continue to wait for Beer to release new music, you won’t be disappointed with this one. She’s using it to show off her unique vocal qualities, as well as to show the place in the pop world that she’s about to come for and conquer.

Ella Mai – “Naked”

Just try to stop listening to Mai’s voice…it’s impossible. She’ll capture you with her emotion and leave you begging for more when the song’s over and you’re let go.

Olivia O’Brien – “No Love”

As the kick-off to announce her new EP “It’s Not That Deep” out Nov. 17, this song does a great job at allowing listeners to understand her vibe and style and what she’s aiming to do with her music.