Less than two weeks since Moore, Okla., was ravaged by an F5 tornado that left 240 injured and 24 dead, the state was once again hit with strong winds and tornadoes this week, resulting in the injury of nine people.

Tornadoes reportedly touched down in areas throughout the Midwest Thursday, three causing destruction in Broken Arrow, Okla., a second in Perkins and Ripley, Okla., the last in Cove, Okla., according to a report from ABC News. A fourth twister reportedly touched down in Oden, Ark., resulting in nine injuries, two due to lightning strikes, Fox News reports.

According to a report from Accuweather.com, there were more than a dozen tornado sightings in the Midwest Thursday, with sightings of softball-size hail in areas of Oklahoma. Damaged homes in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Michigan were attributed to the storms’ strong winds.

According to a report from the National Weather Service, or NOAA, more than 3.8 million residents in the plains and Midwest are expected to experience potentially strong storms, flooding and possible tornadoes Friday. One city hit by Thursday’s storm, Broken Arrow, Okla., was included in the issued “moderate” warnings.  Norman, Okla., Oklahoma City and Springfield, Mo., are also currently under storm watch.

Cities under “slight” risk of experiencing potentially damaging storms include: Chicago, Ill.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Detroit, Mich.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Kansas City, Mo. Forecasts of damaging winds were also issued for southern Wisconsin and lower Michigan.