Multiple reports recently emerged, showcasing revealing Apple’s work on augmented reality glasses. However, it seems that the Cupertino-based tech giant is not the only company working hard on this revolutionary new technology. It turns out Samsung is also knee-deep on augmented reality or AR headset as revealed by the patent first reported by Galaxy Club.

The patent reveals the unannounced AR Headset would be the first incursion of the Seoul-based tech and electronic titan in the world of augmented reality after several years of concentrating on its series of mobile Gear Virtual Reality Headsets. In recent years, however, there is a gradual decline in the mobile industry’s interest in VR gears and in virtual reality in general.

Samsung has not yet released or announced any new VR headset for its mobile devices since 2017. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the first Samsung smartphone not compatible with the VR hardware. Additionally, it is hard to find stores selling Gear VR headsets these days.

Galaxy Club recently reported that a design patent was recently published a few days ago in South Korea. The patent is titled “Head Mounted Display and was filed by Samsung in Feb. 2019. In other words, the patent is the most recent design Samsung is currently working under the hood.

The report also shared several images showing the design render of the upcoming Samsung AR headset. Unfortunately, that is all we can get from the report as it lacks the technical details that could further help us determine the technology Samsung is working on in developing the AR headset if they indeed are. The images show a couple of heads-up displays (HUDs), a couple of cameras, and a cable that links through the right leg of the alleged AR headset.

There is also a discernible speaker or maybe just a little vent. The Seoul-based tech and electronics giant has repeatedly been saying in the past that it has several AR and VR products currently in development. The latest patent from Samsung is in no way a confirmation that a Samsung AR headset is arriving in the market soon.

Big tech companies like Samsung usually file patents, but most often, these patents never make it to the consumers and remain as design. As in this case, we suggest taking this with a considerable amount of salt.