Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially confirmed several crucial details about its next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5. At this point, we already know the kind of GPU and CPU that will power the PS5, as well as the new solid-state drive that will ensure it will minimize if not eliminate lag and loading times. But, Sony’s revelations are all in theory, and so far, no images or videos of the PS5 are available.

Fortunately, a new concept video of Sony’s PlayStation recently surfaced online. The video was made by TURN ON, which is the content magazine for German retailer Saturn and posted on YouTube via LetsGoDigital. The short video begins with what appears like the PlayStation 5 but, its design is far from the PS 5 dev kit that was confirmed accurate by a game developer.

PlayStation E3
Sony's E3 press conference takes place June 14, and we have our predictions for the big show. We think 2017 release dates and 'Bloodborne 2' will be major highlights. The proceedings are set to begin at 9 p.m. ET. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The PlayStation 5 concept video reveals a clean and straightforward design of the upcoming gaming console. Interestingly, it has a set of specs similar to what Sony confirmed earlier. This includes the AMD Zen 2 CPU and the Ryzen DNA GPU with ray tracing support. The concept video also mentions the solid-state drive that the Japanese console maker has been teasing.

Additionally, the concept imagines that the SSD of the PlayStation 5 will have a base storage of 2 TB. In terms of the DualShock Controllers, the video imagines that the devices will sport a touchscreen display in the center alongside the iconic DualShock design components. Moreover, it mentions that the next controllers are capable of wireless charging by simply placing it on top of the console, NEAT!

It can be recalled that Sony previously confirmed that the new PlayStation 5 controllers would have adaptive triggers and a fresh built-in haptic feedback. The concept video also mentions that the PlayStation 5 will feature backward compatibility with all Sony PlayStation systems. Initially, Sony confirmed that its next-generation gaming console will have backward compatibility but later mentioned that the feature might be limited.

PlayStation 5 is slated to arrive sometime in the holiday of 2020. Meanwhile, check out the latest PS 5 concept video below.