• "New Pokemon Snap" is the sequel to the original 1999 version of the game
  • The game saves automatically, so there is no option for manual saving
  • Saved files can be deleted via the Switch's system settings

The sequel to 1999’s “Pokemon Snap” has captured most of what made the first game charming while adding modern graphics, a surprising amount of replayability and even more Pokemon to find. “New Pokemon Snap” is not a typical Pokemon game by any means, but it retains the same charm that the rest of the series has.

New Pokemon Snap” is a first-person on-the-rails experience where players have to take photographs of Pokemon in their natural habitats. The game is chock-full of secrets and it can be very easy to miss the various Pokemon on the first playthrough. Creating save points is a great idea for revisiting potentially missed secrets and other Pokemon.

Those who are wondering how to save data in “New Pokemon Snap” can rest easy, as the game has an autosave function that will make sure nobody loses their progress. A small camera lens icon will appear whenever the game autosaves. Players should avoid tampering with their Nintendo Switch while the game is saving to avoid any complications with their data.

New Pokemon Snap lets players observe wild Pokemon in their natural habitats
New Pokemon Snap lets players observe wild Pokemon in their natural habitats Nintendo

On the other hand, there’s no way to manually save in “New Pokemon Snap.” Fortunately, players can always just revisit previously completed areas in case they want to explore more of the many alternative paths present in each level. Also, a number of special Pokemon will only appear after certain milestones or story points have been reached. This attracts players to go back and explore previously visited areas, as some locked zones might no longer be restricted.

For players who want to start the game again for any reason, they can opt to manually delete their saved file and start a completely new one.

The saved file for “New Pokemon Snap” can be found in the Switch’s system settings. Navigate to the Data Management menu then select Delete Save Data. Find the “New Pokemon Snap” option then delete data.

This will completely wipe any progress made in the game prior, and it will let players start with a fresh adventure. This is only recommended for players who want to redo the entire story, or for those who want to share their Switch with friends or family members.