Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier said that the Cybertruck would beat the Ford F-150, and it appears that the CEO was right all along. We are not talking about power or specs but about its impact on the environment. In a recent study conducted by National Observer, it reveals that the Tesla Cybertruck crushes the Ford F-150 in terms of climate pollution.

The Ford F-150 is a 100-tonne monster, and the world’s most popular pickup pollute even more than that, says National Observer. One hundred tons is the amount of climate pollution sealed in each time someone purchases on the best-selling pickup trucks made by the automotive giant Ford. And, surprisingly, it happens a lot considering that Ford is selling 102 units of Ford F-150 every hour each day.

Tesla Cybertruck
A new Tesla Cybertruck image shows where the alleged hidden side cameras are located. Getty Images/Frederic J. BROWN

The new study reveals that the Tesla Cybertruck is 100 times less polluting compared to the Ford F-150. If the owner of the Cybertruck lives in an area with a clean electricity grid, the all-electric pickup truck will only emit one ton of carbon dioxide in its entire lifetime, says the report. In a chart that you can find below, the National Observer, through Fuel Economy (dot) Gov, shows how the various models of Ford vehicles compare with the Tesla models.

The Tesla Cybertruck is barely on the chart compared to the Ford F-150, the report claims. The Ford F-150 Raptor can pollute more than 140 tons over its lifetime. This is equivalent to piling up 153,000 pounds of coal and lighting it up, the National Observer illustrates.

One of the reasons why Tesla Cybertruck is much cleaner is because electric vehicles are much more efficient. Electric motors deliver 80 percent to the wheels, whereas the gasoline-powered vehicles only burn 20 percent of energy to the wheels. In other words, driving an electric vehicle means you are only using one-quarter of the energy the gas-powered vehicles use.

The latest only shows that the Tesla Cybertruck causes less damage to the climate compared to Ford F-150. Elon Musk was theoretically right when he said that Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck would beat the most popular pickup in the world. Climate-friendly wise, the Cybertruck sure did beat the best-selling pickup truck in the world.