• Tesla Cybertruck prototype shows that the truck has no side mirrors
  • Speculations claim that Tesla replaced side mirrors with side cameras
  • A new image reveals the location of the alleged side cameras of the Tesla Cybertruck

During the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck, what was revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk was the prototype of the upcoming vehicle. In other words, Tesla might make some modifications to the prototype before it enters production. One of the essential components missing during the unveiling was the presence of side mirrors or in this case, side cameras, but it seems that the side cameras have been there all along; they are just hidden in plain sight.

Even on the footage showing Elon Musk taking the Tesla Cybertruck for a drive in the streets of California, many fans were wondering about the side mirrors of the all-electric pickup truck. Some auto enthusiasts believe that the Tesla CEO might be betting that the laws about side mirrors in the US might change by the time the Tesla Cybertruck launches. But, earlier reports claim that the all-electric pickup truck will not have side mirrors and instead have side cameras.

Tesla Cybertruck
A new Tesla Cybertruck image shows where the alleged hidden side cameras are located. Getty Images/Frederic J. BROWN

An eagle-eyed Twitter user recently shared an image of the Tesla Cybertruck and the reason behind its lack of side mirrors. The user points out that the truck has side cameras, which replaced the mirrors. Additionally, he reveals where these side cameras are positioned in the truck.

It appears that the side cameras of the Tesla Cybertruck are concealed neatly in the fender flares. Tesla already replaced the rearview mirror of the Cybertruck with a screen and camera. The side view screen will most likely be in the A-pillars in the doors, says MS Poweruser.

While the US law requires all vehicles to have side mirrors, Musk seems to be betting on the future. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that tech entrepreneur bets in the future. Hopefully, his bet will again pay off. Another interesting question to consider about the Tesla Cybertruck is on the location of the images from the side cameras.

While some reports claim that it could be at the bottom or on the A-pillars, these were not visible during the during Cybertruck demo rides. But, since it is just a prototype, the electric vehicle maker could still make several modifications.