On Tuesday, Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) began rolling out its new redesign, which dramatically changes the look and feel of the micro-blogging platform.

The redesign incorporates elements reminiscent of those in Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Timeline layout, departing from the older layout that put a greater emphasis on streams of tweets than on the profile as a whole.

International Business Times took a closer look at some of the new features designed to improve the Twitter user experience so you'll know what to expect when the redesign hits your Twitter profile.

Larger Cover Photo

Twitter Cover Photo Twitter's new layout features a larger cover photo spanning the entire width of the profile page.

One of the most noticeable changes in the new Twitter layout is the larger cover photo, which now takes up more of  the top of the profile page. While the new design allows for larger and more detailed photos, it might be more problematic for professional and branded Twitter accounts that designed their cover photo to fit the original layout.

Pinned Tweets

Channing Tatum Twitter Twitter users will be able to pin individual tweets to the top of their profile page once the new layout rolls out to their individual accounts.

The older Twitter profile design allowed users to control the background, color and cover photo on their profile, but not necessarily the tweets that appeared on the page. The new Pinned Tweets feature appears to be Twitter's solution to this, as it allows users to turn one of their tweets into a static post on the top of their profile, giving a bit more control over how the profile looks to followers.

Best Tweets

Twitter Font Size Variable font sizes are used in the new Twitter profile layout to distinguish tweets that have the most engagement

One of the most problematic features of Twitter to date has been the flood of tweets that appear on individual Twitter profiles. Twitter’s attempt to cut through the noise is a simple but elegant solution that distinguishes tweets with higher engagement by a slightly larger font size. When first posted, tweets will appear in the smaller font size, and then, as more users engage with the tweet, the profile layout will automatically increase its font size to distinguish it from others on the page.

Filtering Tweets

Twitter Filtering Options Twitter users will be able to view individual profiles through various filtering options

In order to make it easier for Twitter users to view the tweets they want to see on individual profiles, Twitter has added filtering options that allow users to view tweets through new options: Tweets, Tweets and Replies, and Tweets with Photos and Video. These new filtering options will make it easier to browse through individual Twitter profiles without getting lost in a sea of a text.

Revamped Followers and Following Lists

FLOTUS list Twitter In addition to the Twitter profile redesign, the follower and following pages have also received a revamp

In addition to all the new profile features, Twitter has revamped the follower and following page, turning the list into a grid design that features a mini Twitter profile to give users a better look at other users they’re following or users who are following them.

When can you expect the new Twitter profile layout?

According to the official Twitter blog, the company has already started rolling out the new layout to a small set of users. While new Twitter users will see the new layout immediately, the company expects to implement the new features across all previously existing Twitter profiles in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the new Twitter layout and features? Let us know in the comments.