Sprint Galaxy Nexus Release Date: LTE Device Could Launch ThisMonth, Leaked Document Reveals
Sprint subscribers may be seeing a new handset from the carrier sooner than expected. A release date has not been officially announced for the Galaxy Nexus LTE, but a leaked document says that the device will debut on April 22nd, according to The Verge. Reuters

A new 16 gigabyte version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus appears to be headed to Verizon April 5, and HTC could debut the Droid Incredible 3 4G April 26, according to an internal Verizon memo leaked by tech blog Droid Life. There are a total of five devices listed in the document under the heading 'Device Launch Information' and the new Nexus could even get a discounted price if Verizon keeps with precedent. Verizon could sell the 16 gigabyte version for $200 on contract. A similar move has already been made with the Motorola Droid Razr, with the original 32 gigabyte version keeping the $300 price.

As to the Droid Incredible, HTC has gone on record as saying it wants to release fewer devices throughout the year. While it announced the One series at Mobile World Congress, it looks like HTC will go ahead and release the next Droid Incredible anyway. It could be a 1.2GHz dual-core processsor device with a full gigabyte of memory, dual cameras and Android 4.0, according to a previously leaked photo of an unknown HTC device posted on tech blog Phone Arena. The picture, however, seems to show the HTC Sense interface as oppossed to Ice Cream Sandwich, so it could debut with 3.2 Gingerbread instead.

The memo also included info on a possible LG device called the Lucid, and two mobile hotspot devices. Verizon doesn't have much coming out over the next few weeks, so this could be all we see until summer. Verizon did add the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 to its LTE lineup recently, however. Additionally, the Motorola Droid 3 is on sale for $10 on contract, but only for a new line, not for upgrades. Tell us in the comments if you think the lower priced Galaxy Nexus is a step in the right direction or if you are holding out for the next big thing on Verizon.