• Greataxes and hammers are good for large PvP fights
  • Muskets are great for dealing burst damage from range
  • The hatchet can be used in both ranged and melee combat

Each of the weapon types in “New World” can deal decent amounts of damage, but for players who want to push their builds to the limit, there are specific setups that are geared toward dishing out as much DPS as possible.

Builds in “New World” are very flexible. Active skills are dictated by the weapons that players equip themselves with, all of which can be specialized further through their own unique skill trees. These skill trees have passive and active bonuses that can greatly increase a player’s effectiveness in combat, which makes using only one or two weapons ideal when leveling.

Here are some of the best DPS-focused weapons and skills for players to choose for “New World’s” PvE and PvP modes.

New World is full of dangerous enemies, ranging from wild animals to angry spirits New World is full of dangerous enemies, ranging from wild animals to angry spirits Photo: Amazon Games


This weapon is one of the more popular choices for ranged-weapon users in “New World’s” PvP when it comes to raw damage output. It can deal a staggering amount of punishment to enemy players with full health and it can hold its own in extended skirmishes as long as the musketeer remains in a safe distance.

Power Shot is great for dealing high burst damage and it pairs well with Onyx gems and skills that improve damage to full-health targets. Meanwhile, Powder Burn is an excellent choice for pressuring enemies while continuously damaging them with a burn effect.

The musket pairs well with rapiers thanks to their high mobility. For PvE, however, this weapon is better off partnered with a spear because muskets lack area of effect attacks.

Greataxes and Hammers

These heavy weapons are amazing in dungeons because of their AoE and crowd control attacks that can decimate groups of enemies. The greataxe can draw enemies close with Reap or Maelstrom before following up with Execute or Whirlwind. Meanwhile, the hammer can keep foes locked in place with Wrecking Ball and Shockwave before pummeling them with Mighty Gavel.

While they’re slow to swing, players can find great value in the sheer damage output that these weapons provide. They aren’t bad in PvP as well, with many players using greataxes and hammers to break through frontlines.


The hatchet is a fast-attacking weapon that comes with the Berserk ability, which buffs weapon damage by 20%. This skill alone makes the weapon great as a DPS option in both PvE and PvP.

Players can also opt to use the hatchet as a throwing weapon. The Aimed Throw skill lets players carefully aim their hatchets at the cost of no longer being able to block. Critical Throw will let thrown hatchets cause critical damage when hitting weakspots as well.