• "New World" will no longer have cross-region character transfers
  • Characters will only be allowed to transfer between servers inside their current regions
  • Full worlds or worlds under maintenance will not accept transferees

Despite their previous promise regarding cross-region server transfers, Amazon Game Studios recently announced that players will not be able to transfer their characters to servers in other regions, prompting backlash from fans who have already spent hundreds of hours in the game.

Amazon Game Studios previously insisted that players will be able to transfer their characters to any server at any time, but this no longer appears to be the case. A post on the official “New World” forum stated that server transfers will now have limitations.

There are three main restrictions when it comes to character transfers:

  • Players cannot move characters to a full world
  • Players cannot move characters to a world that’s under maintenance
  • Players cannot move characters to a world set where they have an existing character

The post also noted that players will only be able to move their “New World” characters to any server in their region only, which directly contradicted Amazon’s previous statement regarding cross-region transfers.

The developers seemingly insisted players to create their characters in different regions so as to avoid long queue times and other server issues. When asked about whether or not players would be able to transfer their characters from U.S. servers to EU ones, the official “New World” Twitter account responded with “Yes, you can move between regions if you want.”

Apparently, there was some form of miscommunication that happened behind the scenes when this was announced, Eurogamer reported. A forum FAQ confirmed that the previous statement regarding region transfers was actually false.

“New World” players on social media and the official forums complained about how Amazon Games Studios essentially made them waste hundreds of hours on the wrong server under the insistence of the developers.

New World lets players craft their own weapons, armor and provisions New World lets players craft their own weapons, armor and provisions Photo: Amazon Game Studios

“We understand the frustration from this, unfortunately the original messaging provided was incorrect,” community manager TrevzorFTW announced via the forums.

It seems like “New World” players will have to create new characters on their preferred regions after all since Amazon Game Studios will unlikely implement cross-region transfers any time soon. However, such a feature may still be implemented in future updates as the developers continue to wrestle with server capacity issues.