• "New World" places heavy emphasis on player-versus-player combat
  • Players should treat "New World's" duels and small-scale PvP fights like a traditional fighting game 
  • It's best to duel with friends and other members to practice PvP fights without facing penalties

The large, open world of Aeternum is filled to the brim with wild animals, zombies and other nasty creatures that pose a significant threat to unwary travelers, but nothing can ruin someone’s day more than another skilled player.

PvP lies at the heart of “New World,” from large-scale faction wars to the many small skirmishes that break out around each territory. There’s much fun to be had for players who dare to flag up for PvP, but simply running up to other players without as much as a second thought is a very easy way to get sent back to the nearest sanctuary.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help guide players who want to get good at “New World’s” open world PvP.

New World is full of dangerous enemies, ranging from wild animals to angry spirits New World is full of dangerous enemies, ranging from wild animals to angry spirits Photo: Amazon Games

Stay One Step Ahead

Like other PvP-centric MMO titles, “New World” rewards players who can read their opponents’ actions. Simply spamming abilities will often leave one’s self completely powerless for the moments that matter the most. With that said, it’s best to treat “New World” like a fighting game and predict how an enemy moves and try to engage based on what information is available.

Always Punish Mistakes

Be on the lookout for windows of opportunity like whenever an enemy whiffs a move or expends all of their stamina. Good players will always try to capitalize on these advantageous situations by pressuring enemies with weapon abilities or heavy attacks as they try to recover.

As such, try not to create enemies for opponents to capitalize on. Keep an eye on the stamina bar at all times and avoid spamming skills or using ones that have long cast times unless it is safe to do so.

Crowd Control Is Key

Locking enemies in place is a great way to deal some free damage. Weapons like the hammer, rapier and sword and shield have strong abilities that can either stun or knock down opponents, giving players an opportunity to hit enemies with their hardest-hitting abilities.

Know Each Weapon Class

Being familiar with every weapon class is a great way to predict how an opponent might fight. This will help players dictate how they approach a situation and ultimately decide whether a fight is worth picking or not.