•  Players are getting banned after getting mass-reported by members of opposing factions
  • Other players are reportedly getting banned for no apparent reason
  • Amazon has not yet provided a statement regarding the player abuse of the game's banning system

Some “New World” players are reportedly getting temporarily banned from the game after being targeted by coordinated mass-reports from other users, leading to unfair advantages in favor of the abusers’ factions.

Mass-reports and auto-bans have become increasingly common in “New World” after players found out that they could win territory wars by preventing the enemies’ best fighters from playing. Various posts from falsely-banned players have surfaced on “New World’s” official forums and subreddit, according to PC Gamer, and it doesn’t seem like the problem will end any time soon.

One Reddit user reported that half of their 100-player group was banned after players from the opposing faction abused the system right before a scheduled territory war. This has left the defending faction with a serious disadvantage in terms of both manpower and quality of available fighters.

New World features a fluid, classless system that lets players specialize in different weapon types that fit their preferred playstyles New World features a fluid, classless system that lets players specialize in different weapon types that fit their preferred playstyles Photo: Amazon Games

Unfortunately, “New World’s” automatic ban system has been in place since the game’s beta. This doesn’t spell much confidence regarding whether or not safeguards against abuse will be installed in later patches, especially since Amazon Game Studios has been giving conflicting statements on how the ban system works, as pointed out by PC Gamer.

Some of Amazon’s moderators and customer service representatives said that players that breached a specific number of reports will automatically receive a 24-hour ban, while other moderators stated that each report is extensively reviewed by an actual person before bans are issued.

“New World” and 100 Thieves streamer CouRage was locked out of his account after players maliciously reported him en masse, as per Dexerto’s report. The streamer reached out to “New World’s” official Twitter account but he received no replies.

The abuse of the ban system has led some players to completely ignore “New World’s” chat channels in fear of getting mass-reported for the most mundane of reasons. Some players were banned for expressing contrasting opinions while others were reportedly banned for no reason.

Amazon has not yet given any statements regarding “New World’s” ban system and the company is yet to clarify just exactly how bans are handed out. Players who have been unjustly banned can have their sentences overturned by contacting New World Support.