• Level 25 is the recommended player level for the Amrine Excavation dungeon
  • Bring a balanced party and be prepared to deal with large groups of enemies
  • Amrine is a great spot to farm for XP and unique loot

The Amrine Excavation is the first actual dungeon that players can dive into in “New World,” and it’s one of the best spots to farm for XP and loot in the later stages of the early game. There are plenty of good rewards to be had at the end of this dungeon, making this a great place to grind.

Amrine is relatively straightforward and doesn’t need much coordination, so any ragtag group of strangers should be able to clear this without a hitch. However, for those who want to get the fastest clear times possible, there are some things that should be taken into consideration.

Here’s a short walkthrough and a collection of tips and tricks for the Amrine Excavation in “New World.”

New World features a classless character system where abilities are dictated by the weapons that players equip New World features a classless character system where abilities are dictated by the weapons that players equip Photo: Amazon Games

Requirements and Recommendations

Players must be Level 25 before they can enter the Amrine Excavation dungeon, and at least one party member must have an Amrine Tuning Orb in order to breach the dungeon’s entrance.

At least three players are needed for this dungeon: one tank, one DPS and one healer should suffice. But more players are always welcome. Be sure to bring plenty of AoE abilities to help with clear rooms faster.

Dungeon Overview

The vast majority of Amrine’s depths are filled with zombie and ghost-type enemies similar to the ones found around farms, graveyards and excavation sites. There aren’t any complicated dungeon mechanics or puzzles that need to be solved here, so players can proceed without having to worry about any of those.

Players will encounter Foreman Nakashima’s ghost, the first boss of the incursion, mid-way through the dungeon. This boss uses traps to lock players in place before pummeling them with spectral magic and claw swipes. Nakashima can be difficult to fight, especially since he tends to move around a lot, but a focused party should be able to take him down in due time.

Following this boss encounter are a few more rooms and halls filled with mobs. At the end of the dungeon is Simon Grey, a large boss monster with an aggressive moveset and the ability to summon mobs to swarm the party. This fight will require a bit of micromanagement between the boss and his summons, so make sure to split the party accordingly.