• All forms of wealth transfer in "New World" have been disabled due to an exploit
  • Amazon Game Studios is currently investigating the issue
  • The developers did not specify when wealth transfers will get enabled again

Nearly two weeks after the last major issue with “New World’s” economy, Amazon Game Studios was forced to shut down the game’s trading post once again after another possible duplication exploit was discovered.

The exploit was supposedly found by members of “New World’s” official forum and other players on social media, and the developers quickly shut down the in-game trading posts in response. Community manager Tosch said that any form of wealth transfer, including the sending of currency, use of guild treasuries and player-to-player trading, have all been disabled as they investigate.

Tosch also mentioned that any player caught abusing the duplication exploit will be punished accordingly.

This new glitch involved the duplication of Trophies, which are rare and valuable items that can be obtained in the later stages of the game, according to Dot Esports. Trophies would often sell for thousands of gold each, and an abundance of them in the player market could potentially destabilize the game’s economy and the value of the items themselves.

New World's Void Gauntlet comes with its own magic blade for use in close-quarters combat New World's Void Gauntlet comes with its own magic blade for use in close-quarters combat Photo: Amazon Games Studios

A similar incident happened around the week of Nov. 2, when the developers were forced to take offline temporarily all means to transfer wealth in order to prevent exploitation. Back then, players were able to duplicate gold and items by abusing either the trading post mechanics or the town bounty boards. These have since been fixed in the 1.0.5 patch.

As of writing, Amazon Game Studios has not issued an ETA on when the trading post and wealth transfer features will return. The last time this happened, players were left without access to trading posts for over 36 hours, forcing “New World’s” economy to grind to a halt.

Player confidence in the game has dropped drastically since the recent wave of bugs and exploits. Average player count has dropped to 254,271 in the past 30 days and dipped further down to 195,541 in the past 24 hours as of this writing, according to Steam Charts.

However, fans remain hopeful that Amazon Game Studios will fix “New World’s” most glaring issues in the future. The upcoming “Into The Void” update is set to add some more content to the game, although no release date has been announced just yet.