The Microsoft gaming news doesn’t stop at its major acquisition of ZeniMax Media. The company on Monday also revealed a free new Xbox app for Android with remote play capabilities and more, including functionality with the upcoming Series X console.

The new remote play functionality is distinct from the xCloud streaming service recently launched on Android devices, the Verge reports. While that app allows users to play select Xbox Game Pass games over the cloud, this new Xbox app will allow users to stream any game they own straight from their console.

The updated app has also been given a fresh coat of paint, with a design and interface reminiscent of the Xbox Series X’s dashboard. Not only that, but the app will also have the ability to act as a remote for the upcoming next-gen Xbox – a desirable option considering that, again, the app is free – and will allow users to configure settings systems fresh out of the box while it sets up for the first time and downloads updates.

Microsoft’s update for the app is currently only available for Android devices, but an update for the iOS version might also be around the corner. However, given Apple’s harsh stance on game streaming apps--requiring each game to be listed separately in the App Store for services like xCloud and Google Stadia, per TechCrunch--the remote play functionality might be out of reach for iPhone and iPad users for the foreseeable future.