Xbox One X
The new Xbox One X Gold Rush special edition console bundled with Battlefield V. Microsoft

Microsoft has announced new Xbox One bundles during its Gamescom 2018 presentation, including those for “Shadow of the Tomb Raider" and “Forza Horizon 4.” However, the best out of the bunch is probably the new “Battlefield V” Gold Rush special edition Xbox One X bundle.

The Xbox One X Gold Rush special edition bundle features a new design that comes with a gold gradient color scheme. The gold gradient color blends from left to right, with the right portion of the console being matte black. The bundle also comes with a gray Xbox wireless controller, the Deluxe Edition of “Battlefield V” and the Xbox 360 game “Battlefield 1943,” which is backwards compatible on the Xbox One, according to GameSpot.

Xbox One X
The Gold Rush Xbox One X features a gold gradient color scheme. Microsoft

The “Battlefield V” Xbox One X Gold Rush special edition also comes with a free one month subscription to EA Access, one month to the Xbox Game Pass and an Xbox Live Gold free trial for 14 days. Another thing that’s worth noting about this bundle is that it will only cost $499 in the United States, the same price of a standard Xbox One X. The special edition Xbox One X bundle is available to pre-order now from the Xbox website and is scheduled to start shipping on Oct. 16.

If the new Gold Rush special edition bundle isn’t really something that users want, Microsoft has other “Battlefield V” bundles ready. There’s a 1TB Xbox One S bundle that costs $299 and a $499 1TB Xbox One X bundle. These will be shipped with a digital version of “Battlefield V” Deluxe Edition. Like the Gold Rush special edition, the other bundles are available to pre-order now and are scheduled to start shipping on Oct. 16.

The Deluxe Edition of “Battlefield V” will provide users with an early access to the full game, as well as a bunch of bonuses. These bonuses will include additional outfits, more started assignments and 20 weekly airlifts. Each of these should provide players with more customization items in-game.

Speaking of customizations, EA and DICE have also shared more details on how the progression system works in “Battlefield V.” In-game progression will be based on what’s called as The Company, which will be the player’s collection of customization options and soldiers. At launch, players will be able to establish one Company for the British army and another for the German army.

Players will also have to take on Combat Roles that provide them with unique loadouts for the four classes: Assault, Support, Recon and Medic. As players go into matches, they will receive more Combat Roles. When they complete certain goals and missions, they’ll get new weapons, gear and vehicles. Lastly, players will be able to fully customize their character’s looks, including adding skins to their weapons.

“Battlefield V” is scheduled to be released on oct. 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. An open beta for the game is scheduled to start next month on Sept. 4 for those who have already pre-ordered the game or are members of Origin Access Premier, Origin Access Basic or EA Access, according to Variety.