As the first traces of snow began to fall on day four of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, Falguni and Shane Peacock heated things up in the studio with their Fall 2012 collection that embodies dark, edgy glamour.

Falguni and Shane, the married couple and designers of the Peacock label, have a keen eye for detail. With their philosophy, "Life is too short to blend in," Falguni and Shane used an ultra-feminine, tribally-infused print and of course their signature use of feathers and sequins along with the prints. According to the designers, dresses in their collection were mostly black to serve a dual purpose of adding their rock-couture mark and being relatable, with vivacious pops of color worked into tribal prints.

"We cut back the colors and brought out more darker deeper shades," Shane said backstage before the show. "Something which people in New York would relate to. Something which every person can relate to and aspire to wear."

Aspiring to wear their Fall collection proved be a understatement as the 35 looks hit the runway. While evoking a strong sense of fantasy, the sharp looks used structured silhouettes and intricate details in prints and embellishments to create a juxtaposition between refined and daring to stand out -- the exact intentions of Falguni and Shane.

"I think if you need to be different, you need to stand out, you need to look different and you need to feel different and that feeling only comes in what you wear," Shane said backstage. "It's an outlook. It's something that everyone likes, to be different."

Their philosophy to stand out and be different has captured the attention of celebrities like supermodel Petra Nemcova, former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams, and Ashanti, who frantically snapped photos of the looks from the front row on her phone, in attendance at the Sunday show. Falguni and Shane have dressed everyone on the red carpet from Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj to Cindy Crawford to Nicole Scherzinger. They even created the looks for Britney Spears' latest videos, Hold it Against Me and Til the World Ends.

Most notably, Falguni and Shane made the costumes for the dancers in Madonna's Super Bowl XLVI halftime show earlier this month, but even a project that prestigious doesn't bring the couple as much joy as displaying their designs at ready-to-wear runway shows.

"I think we take every project as a challenge and it doesn't give us that much excitement as our show," Shane said backstage.

The Falguni and Shane Peacock label was launched in 2008 based in Mumbai. Already veterans of London Fashion Week, Fall 2012 season marks their second showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

But showing across the pond is not their only example of growth over the years. Already a critical and commercial success, Falguni and Shane have plans to expand their brand into global retail locations, but first, they will conquer New York.

"We are looking at stores right now," Shane said. "Last time when we came here, we saw a few things. After the show for Monday, we are going to have revisits at the stores. If we like anything, we might just pick up a location."

Shane said the brand will fully take shape and make its first stride into a global expansion once they secure New York.

"I think that's when it will start when we find our location put up a store a showroom. We plan to set up base in New York," he said.

Not only is Falguni and Shane Peacock in the near future going to be a successful line with a showroom in New York City, but they may even expand their product line into the fragrance market, as well.

"We are working on that," Shane said of their delve into perfume. "I can't say right now because there's a lot of things we ourselves are like 'Ok we like this,' and after it changes. So we have not found the signature smell. It will take time."

Time seems to be the one thing that this power couple does not have. Exemplifying collaboration at its finest, the couple is so immersed in their work that they barely have time for anything else.

"There's no family life," Shane said. "It's work, work, work, 24/7 work. Just as one thing gets over, there's another assignment to be done and there's another thing to be completed."

"Sometimes we are working on five projects at one time so there's no time for food. There's no time to go home. There's no time to talk and sometimes there's no time to go out with our own daughter," Shane said of his nine-year-old girl at home.

But Sunday, Falguni and Shane found some time for something other than their Peacock collection. When I asked them what they plan to do after the show concludes, Shane said they will "celebrate for one night...then continue to work."

"I think we'll party tonight and get back to work tomorrow," he said.

View the slideshow to see photos of the Falguni and Shane Fall 2012 runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.