The bodies of newborn twins were found inside a suitcase Friday in Arkansas, media reports said over the weekend. As of Monday, law enforcement officials were trying to determine the cause of death. 

The infants were found stuffed in a purple suitcase in a ditch near County Road 602 in Wynne, the Cross County Sheriff’s Office stated in a news release. The suitcase was found by a person hunting rabbits who alerted police.

Autopsies for the babies are pending, and its results could shed more light into the case. The Sheriff’s office has not disclosed the sex or race of the babies.

“This is an ongoing investigation and details about this case will not currently be released,” the sheriff said.

The gruesome discovery shocked the neighborhood and the community is now looking for answers.

"I mean we have cars that drive through here all time, but I mean it's a pretty quiet road because we're outside of town. That's why we chose to live out here," neighbor, Samantha Tyeryar said.

Local media said authorities were trying to find if the suitcase was dumped at the location or if it was at the location that the infants were killed.

“You know, it’s always something being dumped in this ditch,” another resident Clyde Collins told Fox. “To think something like that had happened was kind of strange.”

“I’ve heard of a lot of things, but I’ve never heard of nobody killing babies and putting them in a suitcase,” Collins added.

Santia Wallace, who lives on the 602, said she “was shaken up” and “in tears” when she heard the news.

“Here I am, want to have kids and for you to, like, kill them? Like, who does that?” Wallace told CBS-affiliated WREG. “You could have took him to the fire station, you know, something like that. You don’t have to kill no kids.”

Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Nichols told the local media there were several persons of interest in the case.