• EA published a pro baseball video game 16 years ago
  • The game is called "MVP Basesball 2005"
  • A new pro-baseball game could reportedly launch sometime in 2024

EA Sports has reportedly returned to making pro baseball games more than 15 years after it lost an exclusive licensing deal and is believed to be developing a new next-generation "MLB" title.

The supposed information about "MLB" was reported Monday by Sports Gamers Online. The article revealed EA Sports is currently working on "a new next-gen baseball video game unrelated to the recently acquired Metalhead Software and Super Mega Baseball."

So far, no platforms were mentioned but the article claimed that the game is being developed by EA Vancouver. It may be recalled that this studio also handled the development of other titles like "FIFA," "UFC" and "NHL."

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The report also cited a source saying the next-gen "MLB" game is still "ways out," in terms of timeline. While another source reportedly gave a "2024" potential release window since the game is "in the earlier stages of development."

It appears the developers have not yet decided on the official name of the next-generation baseball game. The report revealed, "A lot of things are still in the planning stages" and there are still "a lot to be decided before things really move forward."

In terms of licensing, the article claimed "MLB" will be a part of the rumored title. It is worth noting that while the game is already in development, it does not seem like it will launch anytime soon.

The report also noted, "Nothing was said about an official announcement being imminent from the company." However, it speculated the release of the next-generation baseball game is likely happening three years from now.

EA had previously revealed it has a long list of titles scheduled to be released over the next couple of years. The company's last pro baseball effort "MVP Baseball 2005" was well-received but it shifted to developing NCAA Basketball games for two years."

While the information is interesting, it is worth noting that it is not official. In this case, fans should temper their expectations about the rumored next-generation baseball game being developed by EA. As it stands, details about this supposed baseball game from EA are highly speculative at this stage.

EA published "MVP Baseball 2005" 16 years ago. The game was launched on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation Portable (PSP).