'Nextdoor,' a new social network launched today, is less about old friends from high school and more about new friends in the neighborhood.

The network is built like a traditional social network, but members don't add friends or post their relationships status--to be part of Nextdoor, a person joins a neighborhood based on where they live.

The idea, the site's intro video claims, is to allow neighbors to recommend services, ask each other for favors or share information about a recent crime in the area.

There hasn't really been a social network that is solely devoted to what we believe is one of the most important communities in our lives, and that is the neighborhood, says Nextdoor founder and CEO Nirav Tolia, according to TechnologyLive.

If a neighborhood doesn't yet have a site, someone who lives there can create one. To join an existing nehgborhood, a used has to verify that they live in the neighborhood. The video introducing Nextdoor emphasizes heavily the privacy of the network, stressing that the information shared won't go beyond members of that neighborhood.