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Google may choose two manufacturers for its 2015 Nexus smartphones, including a higher-end update to the Nexus 6 and a more affordable refresh for the Nexus 5 (pictured). Google Inc.

As recent massive leaks provided the killer features that likely will unbox with the Apple iPhone 6S this year, its chief rival, the Nexus 2015, remains largely a mystery. Rumors aside, what will make Google’s upcoming flagship a compelling upgrade?

Will consumers be lured in by a fresh design or high-end components that will bump up the look and capabilities of the Motorola Nexus 6 from last year? Will it be supersized further or Google will opt for a slight downsize, in screen size at least, while packing the device with incredible functionalities?

To better position the Nexus 2015 against the smartphone headliners this year, Google needs to tickle the interest of mobile device users, Apple and Android fans alike, and one way to do that is exceed the standard set in the previous years. And deploying the next Nexus with the four things listed below may just do the trick:

LG As A Nexus Partner

LG and Nexus blend well, as proven by the Nexus 5 in 2013. The device is beloved in the Android world and LG re-assuming the same role is not only welcome but will surely stoke interest in what the Nexus 6 replacement has to offer. If only one Nexus device is unpacked later this year, Android fans will certainly want to continue with the love affair they started with South Korea’s LG in 2012 (with the Nexus 4), which was interrupted last year. In this respect, Huawei of China will have to contend with LG’s impressive track record as Nexus collaborator.

Most Powerful And Prettiest Ever

In LG’s hands, Android fans are assured of getting Nexus step-ups in the beauty and muscle departments. In the past, the South Korean device maker built the Nexus 4 and 5 around its flagships -- and the Nexus 2015 will not be any different. So the version this year should include a powerful main engine with its inner brute wrapped in a beautiful and premium casing. Like the LG G4, the next Nexus will display slim bezels around the top-notch screen that only accentuates it sexiness.

Superior Build And Features

What will make the Nexus 2015 irresistible? It wouldn’t hurt if LG and Google would take a page from Samsung’s playbook and weld metal and glass to encase the Nexus 2015. Then on the feature upgrade, LG can simply port to the device one of the LG G4 killer functionalities loved by reviewers -- its camera combo. The G4 shooter, according to experts, is a giant leap from the previous models that it can tussle with the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 camera systems and in some respects come out a winner. It would be wise of Google to include this superb and often-used feature on the upcoming Nexus phone.

Key Android M Improvements

Now to complement its aesthetic and inner feature upgrades, Google will need to implement notable tweaks with the operating system. From Lollipop 5.0 to Android M, the Google mobile operating system is only expected to deliver loads of improvements. But the OS upgrades that really matter are the ones that the average end-users can actually experience and appreciate. Apple has been highlighting the fact that for every new iOS iteration battery life further improves so Google better follow suit with Android M. Smartphones, after all, only live up to their name when they serve users’ needs, preferably when operating at extended hours.

Google is likely to replicate the release dates it followed for the previous Nexus smartphone models. So expect the Nexus 2015 unveiling within the last three months of the year.

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