Whitney Houston's daughter and unofficially adopted son have been rumored to be in a romantic relationship, but are they really, or is it just gossip?

After a report of the brudder and sister hooking up in an Atlanta area Target, Nick Gordon, Whitney Houston's adoptive son, denied the rumors to ABC, saying, We're just close – just going through her mom's passing and grieving together.

But despite the official denial, they don't seem to be taking pains to disguise their relationship.

TMZ ran a video on its website today of the couple holding hands and kissing (and not in a brother/sister way!) while running out to get lunch (at least they're up in time for lunch?).

Beyond that, if Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon aren't dating, then why did she retweet this message from a fan about incest?!

Pretty odd thing to retweet if she and her brudder, as she once called him in a tweet, weren't actually bumping nasties!

It's fine if you're together, Bobbi Kris and Nick, but here's some advice – cut it with the brother and sister act!

(Or maybe it isn't the media they're hiding from, but Cissy Houston...?)