The trailer of one of Microsoft’s upcoming titles, “Bleeding Edge,” has been leaked. The game’s premise and gameplay were revealed in the video. Here’s what we know about this upcoming Xbox game from Ninja Theory.

As seen on Neogaf, thread starter ethomax has a link to a site where the leaked trailer can be found. Apparently, the video is a filmed footage of a confidential video of the “Bleeding Edge” game. The trailer features a clash of the playable characters.

“Bleeding Edge” is expected to be a competitive multiplayer 4 vs 4 title. Players would pick one of the introduced characters in the trailer and battle it out in teams. The whole objective and system of the game are yet to be confirmed, but the trailer does feature some of the character attacks.

The trailer featured 10 characters, introducing Daemon, Makutu, Buttercup, Nidhoggr, Kulev, Gizmo, Miko, Maeve, Zero Cool and El Bastardo. Each of these characters has their own set of abilities that look extremely different from each other.

The trailer ends by revealing the dates for the Technical Alpha, which is June 27. Registration for this Alpha is yet to be confirmed. The trailer also revealed that the game will have a site which is currently inaccessible right now.

Potentially, the site could be visited once the trailer is officially revealed. The whole Microsoft E3 press conference would be on June 9 at 1 p.m. PST. We’ll just have to wait and see the trailer when that date comes.