Ninja Theory has filed a new trademark for its IP called “Bleeding Edge.” Details about the new game are still few, but it’s potentially a new sci-fi game coming from the creators of "Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice" and the "Devil May Cry" reboot. Here’s what we know about this new game.

According to a discussion on Neogaf, Ninja Theory filed a trademark for a title called “Bleeding Edge.” While the trademark itself is barren of any details, the players in the thread are updated with events surrounding the developer.

Ninja Theory is now under Microsoft after being acquired. The “Bleeding Edge” game could be an Xbox exclusive, which the console needs right now.

Throughout the Xbox One console cycle, Microsoft barely releases any exclusive games on the Xbox platform. Along with Sony, Microsoft is also expected to release a new console to follow the Xbox One.

Meanwhile, details and speculations about Ninja Theory’s next game were also discussed. According to Twitter User Klobrille’s post, the next Ninja Theory project would be a sci-fi game that focuses on melee combat. Characters in this upcoming game would have different abilities for their secondary attacks. The game would also have guns, traps and a lasso similar to one in "Bulletstorm."

The boss fights said to be encountered in the game would end similarly to the latest "God of War" on the PS4. Boss fights would end with a cinematic flourish and mostly have some quick-time events to finish off foes way larger than the player’s characters. Lastly, boss fights ends would end with a new weapon, equipment, or something useful that would help the player progress further.

Fitting its potential sci-fi genre, “Bleeding Edge” is mostly used to describe for technology that’s considered the best of its time. Potentially, Ninja Theory’s new game could coincide with CD Projekt Red’s "Cyberpunk 2077." While featuring a cyberpunk aesthetic, CD Projekt Red’s game is still a sci-fi title due to the setting’s emphasis on advanced technology, and human augmentation with human parts.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more details from Ninja Theory to know what their next title after their recent successes. "Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice" was beloved by fans due to its unique setting and its beautiful execution of its world and setting.

Meanwhile, the "Devil May Cry" reboot was initially hated but was appreciated for its solid gameplay after fans warmed up to it.