Nintendo has denied producers the use of one of their iconic soundtracks for the upcoming Justin Bieber film Never Say Never.

Producers had hoped to use a segment of the famous Super Mario theme song in the film, but Nintendo has refused to give its permission.

According to GamesRadar, director Jon Chu has aired his frustration about the decision on Twitter. Aw C'mon Nintendo! Y won't you let us use the Mario theme for 15 secs in the @JustinBieber movie, (sic). about free advertising passed up. Oops.

Free advertising or not, maybe Nintendo does not want to be associated with someone whose appeal is largest in the pre-teen girls segment.

Nintendo has previously allowed director Edgar Wright to use a musical clip from the game Zelda for his movie Scott Pilgrim .
Someone who says that the music in Super Mario Bros. 3 is like a lullaby to him , he even adds it must be the same for a great generation of people who grew up with the game, it must have been difficult to deny him the rights.

Geekologist on their part have commented that somethings need the right kind of reverence and respect and Mario games have a cult following. Nintendo hardly needs the association or the advertising for its mascot created by Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has appeared in more than 200 video games till date

Never Say Never is scheduled for release February 11.