Shorty after the U.S. launch of Nintendo's last portable console, 3DS owners have begun reporting issues with the device. 

In one case, dubbed the back screen of death users reported instances where their 3DS  screens grew black  shortly before their consoles became unresponsive. Other owners documented errors involving a screen instructing them to restart their systems. 

Nintendo has taken notice of the issues, and offered 3DS users a fix for the error. If anyone is experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console, we recommend that in the first instance they download and install the latest system update, now available online, the company said in a statement.

If the problems still persist we recommend they contact their local Nintendo Customer Service centre to investigate the problem further.

Some 3DS owners have also reported inordinately loose hinges on their consoles, a flaw Nintendo acknowledges but downplays, maintaining that very few 3DS owners have reported issues. 

The number of calls and emails received by our customer support center is well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches.There are no widespread issues, the company said in a statement to Joystiq.