• Gamers speculated that another Xbox Series console may be coming following Microsoft's recent trademark filing
  • Microsoft's trademark may be referring to the Xbox Series X and S rather than a new console
  • The company is unlikely to drop a new game console and is expected to focus on addressing consumer demand

Microsoft may not be done with game console offerings. Before 2020 came to an end, the company filed for a trademark for the name "Xbox Series XS." Now, some gamers are speculating that a new (and probably smaller) game console could be in the works.

Microsoft filed the trademark on Dec. 29, nearly a month after the company launched the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The latest game consoles garnered a lot of attention, with many left struggling to grab a unit.

Some who pre-ordered the Xbox Series X were not able to receive their consoles on time as retailers struggled to meet demand. Things were complicated by the fact that the pandemic has made it more difficult to ship orders, something that has hounded all businesses since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

Despite these issues, it appears such has not stopped gamers from forming theories about what Microsoft has planned.

But considering the short amount of time since the release of the latest Xbox game consoles, it would be foolish to expect a smaller version of the console to launch so soon. No other game console company has launched two next-gen consoles at once.

Instead, the Xbox Series XS trademark may simply be referring to the new game consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, rather than a new one.

There is also the time element to consider when it comes to releasing new game consoles. It took Microsoft roughly three years to come up with their latest offerings following the launch of the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X came a year after.

By all accounts, it seems that seeing a new variant of the Xbox Series in the coming months is a bit farfetched. Had the speculation included at least a couple of more years (three to be precise), then perhaps there is reason to believe that a new (and smaller) Xbox Series console is being worked on.

Finally, Microsoft has been having trouble meeting consumer demand and will likely focus on Xbox Series supply rather than come up with another game console.

Aside from that, those who already got their hands on the latest Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X appear to be happy. Once the backlog of orders is addressed, expect a lot more gamers to be content and happy trying out their new game console this 2021.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X
Microsoft recently released their next-gen Xbox Series X that brings extraordinary power and flexibility. The newest console allows users to play thousands of games, including classic titles at amazing performance. The Xbox Series X’s engineering brings gaming to life with beautiful graphics and dynamic processing power. JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images