• More details about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro surfaced online recently
  • Leaks revealed unknown features of the upgraded gaming console
  • Nintendo has not yet confirmed an upgraded version of the Switch

Various information about the rumored upgraded version of the Switch, including its GPU specs, DLSS and the inclusion of Xbox Game Pass were leaked recently.

The new leak regarding the upcoming console, fondly referred to as the Nintendo Switch Pro, reportedly originated in Taiwan, and was eventually shared on ResetEra forums. Based on the post, the GPU of the upcoming gaming console clocks at almost 1 GHz in docked mode and 768 MHz in handheld mode. With this graphics processing power, the Switch Pro is reportedly capable of reaching up to 120 FPS at 720p in handheld mode.

The post also claimed the Japanese gaming giant would optimize this with the upgraded console's performance reportedly fixed at 60 FPS, 720p resolution in handheld mode [Google Translation showed]. Meanwhile, the gaming system's docked mode performance would be optimized to 1440p resolution.

Nintendo's massive profits were fuelled by a surge in demand for its Switch consul its popular 'Animal Crossing' game
Nintendo's massive profits were fuelled by a surge in demand for its Switch consul its popular 'Animal Crossing' game AFP / Behrouz MEHRI

The post also mentioned the Nvidia DLSS technology. Apparently, the rumored Switch Pro utilizes Nvidia's AI rendering technology (DLSS). Unfortunately, the post noted the graphics boosting technology would be only used either during docked mode or totally locked out at launch because of unrevealed issues. Another interesting detail about the Nintendo Switch Pro is that it would feature the Xbox Game Pass.

According to the leak, Microsoft's video game subscription service would be available on the upgraded hybrid console at launch. The leaker also claimed Nintendo tried to develop the Switch Pro using AMD chipsets, but eventually chose Nvidia because of "various circumstances." On top of that, the post claimed third-party Nintendo developers have already received the console's dev kits.

Since these details are not official, fans should take them with a pinch of salt.

As far as the release date goes, a recent report from Bloomberg had mentioned Nintendo would announce the Switch Pro before the E3 2021 event. It also noted the upgraded hybrid console would debut sometime this fall. Interestingly, despite the avalanche of leaks and rumors, Nintendo has not yet confirmed anything related to the rumored gaming system.

Nintendo launched the Switch in 2017, and it is believed to be working on its upgraded version, presumably the Switch Pro.