• An industry insider shared images showing console's listing on a French retailer's site 
  • According to the images, the console is priced at around $487
  • This seems to confirm a previous claim about the console's price point
  • This leak also aligns with an earlier rumor that the console would launch this week

A recent leak may have confirmed Bloomberg's earlier claim that the upgraded model of Nintendo Switch would retail above its current $299 selling price, as well as the rumor that the hybrid console would launch anytime this week.

The price of the heavily rumored Nintendo Switch Pro may have been revealed by French retailer Boulanger. Industry insider Nintend'Alerts claimed in a tweet that the Nintendo Switch Pro has been listed on the internal database of Boulanger with a retail price of €399 (nearly $487).

The insider even shared a couple of images showing the said listing and the retailer's internal database. Unfortunately, the said listing is not yet available on the retailer's site.

According to Comicbook, it's unlikely that the Japanese gaming giant would sell the Switch Pro at around $487 to American consumers, but it could simply suggest that the upgraded version of the Switch might have a price point of either $400, $450 or $500. There's also a possibility that it's just a placeholder.

Nintendo's wildly popular Switch console has had issues with "Joy-Con drift Nintendo's wildly popular Switch console has had issues with "Joy-Con drift" Photo: AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI

However, there's still a chance that it would sell at this price range, considering that it aligns with the price Bloomberg previously reported. 

The listing is interesting not only because it reveals the price of the heavily rumored Nintendo gaming device, but also because it seemingly adds more weight to speculations that Nintendo would announce the console prior to the E3 2021 event.

According to rumors, Nintendo Switch Pro would feature a bigger OLED screen. Vandal earlier reported that the upcoming console would feature two USB 3.0 ports and an ethernet port. The inclusion of the ethernet port is a welcome change since users have long been complaining about the online capabilities of the Switch.

Nintendo recently announced its E3 2021 Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse Live events. Nintendo Direct will be a 40-minute presentation mainly focused on games that are coming out this year. It will be followed by Nintendo Treehouse Live, which will showcase 3 hours of gameplay. The company, however, did not mention anything related to the rumored Switch Pro in its announcement.