The Nintendo Switch might not officially be available until March 3, but one lucky fan got his hands on the upcoming console way earlier than expected. The user then proceeded to upload a three-minute video showing off the system’s software and user interface.

NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot said that the retailer shipped his pre-ordered Nintendo Switch console earlier today, more than two weeks ahead of its launch, according to Polygon.  Based on his NeoGAF profile, he resides in St. Louis. He declined to name which retailer shipped the console to him, and said that he has “been afraid to take it [Switch] online in fear of getting the store that shipped it early in trouble with Nintendo.”

Nintendo Switch Unboxing photos of the Nintendo Switch. Photo: Hiphoptherobot/NeoGAF

Hiphoptherobot published a couple of unboxing photos showing how the Switch is packaged. The Joy-Con controllers are detached from the tablet, while the wires, the grip and the dock seem to be placed underneath.

The user then uploaded a video of himself booting up the Switch console for the very first time showing what the setup process is like. The video then shows what the Switch’s user interface is like by navigating through the home screen and the News section. Hiphoptherobot tried to launch the Switch eShop, but the console asked him to install a software update. Since he didn’t want to connect to the internet, he went on the console’s system settings instead.

The Nintendo Switch is being marketed as having 32GB of built-in storage. As most people already know, actual storage of a device is smaller than advertised due to pre-installed software or included files. This is why hiphoptherobot’s unit shows that it only has 25.9GB of free space. This isn’t really a huge issue since the console does support microSDXC cards of up to 2TB.

The video also confirms that the Nintendo Switch’s user interface has two themes: basic white and basic black. The UI appears to be pretty straight forward and doesn’t seem to have anything special. However, that could change with the day-one system update.

Unfortunately, there’s no clip of any gameplay since Switch games will only be available at the console’s official launch. The Nintendo Switch will be available worldwide for $299 on March 3.