It’s a new year, and for gamers everywhere this means a shorter waiting period for the release of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. More than the console’s specs, features and pricing, gamers are also keeping an eye on the titles that would be supported by the gaming device.

This week, renowned and credible gaming journalist Laura Kate Dale has spilled the beans on which game is going to serve as the launch title of the Switch come March 2017. According to her, she is now 100 percent certain that “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will be the launch title of the console when it arrives in North America this March. She backs this up with the claim that she’s seen the finalized materials.

Because Dale only confirmed the launch title for the North American market, My Nintendo News says it isn’t clear whether the same game would be available at launch in Europe. However, the publication is hopeful that it will be and is expecting to hear the good news during the Jan. 12 event of Nintendo.

Another title that is confirmed to come to the Switch is “Mario Kart.” It is one of the games that was revealed to arrive to the console alongside “Splatoon,” “Skyrim: Special Edition” and “NBA 2K17.” Though details about this Mario title remain scarce, EB Games Australia has somehow leaked information about it online.

Apparently, EB Games Australia published what seems to be the box art for “Mario Kart 8.” By the looks of it, this could just be a placeholder. Nevertheless, it is stirring conversations on Reddit as fans noticed that listed on the box art are a new battle mode, 10 new characters and 24 extra tracks. Since there is no confirmation for this box art yet, GearNuke warns everyone should just take this with a grain of salt for now.