There has been much hype about Tesla’s Model 3, especially after its handover party last month. However, leaked information shows the 2018 Nissan Leaf will cost less than the Elon Musk’s electric, which means the company could steal some customers.

Autobytel, a car sales website, leaked data about the upcoming Nissan Leaf, which was spotted by Autoblog. The electric vehicle will have a base price of $29,990, about $5,000 cheaper than Tesla’s Model 3 and even less than Chevy’s Bolt EV, which is priced at $37,495.

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The Nissan Leaf will come in three prices, $29,990 for the Leaf S, 32,490 for the Leaf SV and $36,200 for the Leaf SL. Even at the Leaf SL version the price isn’t too much compared to the Model 3, which starts at $35,000.

Besides the price, here’s how the cars differ, according to the leaked data, which has now been removed from the site.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s EV, which is expected to be revealed next month, will be better than the current 2017 model. The 2018 version will make 147 horsepower and 236 pound-feet torque. The car will weigh 3,433 pounds, which could do well for acceleration. The car also comes with an optional heated steering wheel and heated front seats.

The EV will include a 40 kWh battery capacity, which is lower than the Model 3’s 50 kWH capacity. However, the 2018 Leaf’s battery capacity is better than the previous model’s 30 kWh.

As for warranty, the Nissan Leaf comes with a basic plan of 36 months (36,000 miles) or a powertrain warranty of 60 month (60,000 miles).

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Tesla Model 3

Since the handover party, Tesla has revealed more information on the Model 3. Musk had previously said the Model 3 will be a smaller and affordable version of the Model S, which has more “advanced technology.”

“Model 3 is like a BMW 3 series or Audi A4. Model S is like BMW 5 and 6 series, but much faster, more storage space + Autopilot,” he said about the five-passenger car.

Tesla’s site describes the vehicle as “smaller, simpler, and will come with far fewer options than Model S, but it makes driving feel effortless and offers a good range of at least 215 miles for our starting model.”

The car comes with a “spaceship” dashboard, Musk described, which includes a 15-inch touchscreen.

As for the car’s safety, the Model 3 includes automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance, plus eight airbags.

The Model 3 comes with Wi-Fi and LTE connection,voice activated controls and two USB ports. The car’s premium upgrades include LED fog lamps, heated seating and heated side mirrors.  

The Model 3 has a 220-310 miles range and pay-per-use supercharging. The Tesla car has an eight-year or 100,000 mile battery warranty.

Those interested in buying a Model 3 can reserve the car for $1,000 on Tesla’s site, but you might have to wait until mid-2018 to get your car.