"No Man's Sky" developers continue to make the space exploration game more challenging with the recent release of the Beyond update. There were several new features released such as the VR support for PC and the PS4 versions of Hello Games' infinite survival slim. As far as gameplay is concerned, there is one key element gamers have to procure - pugneum.

For "No Man's Sky" gamers who may not be aware of what it is, pugneum is a resource and a member of the Neutral elements class. It is an oily, unsettling liquid that leaks from the circuitry of Sentinels - ones that appear when a player takes a destructive approach to the galaxy, Game Revolution reported. The goop will come in handy for players when they want to build a weapon terminal or a planetary base. The problem is that getting it will be no easy task.

Dealing with Sentinels alone on "No Man's Sky" is a daunting task. They normally appear when a player mines too many plants or attack too many creatures. They normally appear with scanners or lasers. Once this happens, a gamer has two options to consider:

  1. Put away the mining beam and walk away
  2. Continue and battle them

Of the two options, the first one makes more sense. But then again, how can one get the much-needed pugneum that players will essentially need for the game? Seeing how some quests on "No Man's Sky" would require players to find the element, a player will need to engage with Sentinels and take risks.

Thankfully there are ways to go around it although it will not be easy. Players need to go about any planet and start mining immediately. For as long as they don't see any trouble caused by players, Sentinels will not attack. But what if they do start sensing threats?

Once a Sentinel senses a player attack, it will instigate a swarm of the little eyes in the sky. The only way to escape once they begin attacking is to either hide in a structure until they lose sight or to take off in a ship. Hence, it would be best for a player to stay near a ship before planning a pugneum harvest, Game Rant reported.

Bear in mind that this is only for small amounts of pugneum. For "No Man's Sky" players who need large amounts, it would be best to keep an eye on their health and shields. If they stay close to their ship, then they can take quite a bit of damage and then blast off. It also helps to zig-zag, as Sentinel lasers shoot in a straight line.

No Man's Sky E3
Pictured: Hello Games, Sean Murray demonstrates 'No Man's Sky' during the Sony E3 press conference at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena on June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Christian Petersen