• Always upgrade equipment whenever the opportunity arises
  • Avoid fighting sentinels as much as possible
  • Wildlife may sometimes call other animals to swarm players

Combat, whether it be on the ground, in the air, or the vacuum space, is one of the many integral parts of “No Man’s Sky.” Although it’s not exactly the focus of the game, players will still need to defend themselves against the many threats in the procedurally-generated galaxy.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make combat encounters slightly more forgiving.

Multi-tool weapons and upgrades

The humble multi-tool can be retrofitted with several offensive modifications. A mining laser is barely suitable for combat against predators and sentinels, so players should try to get a basic upgrade like the Boltcaster as soon as they can.

Multi-tool upgrades and blueprints can be purchased from space stations or planetary settlements. They can also be found through regular exploration. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where, but players should find a vendor that sells multi-tools eventually.

The Blaze Javelin is one of the stronger upgrade options players can choose. It deals immense burst damage at the cost of fire rate, making it ideal for taking out single targets.

The starting Multi-Tool in No Man's Sky fitted with a Boltcaster upgrade
The starting Multi-Tool in No Man's Sky fitted with a Boltcaster upgrade No Man's Sky

Ship weapons

Do not underestimate the basic Photon Cannons that most ships start with. It can be upgraded to become a very reliable weapon that’s great in most circumstances. However, considering purchasing and crafting some secondary weapons for specialized purposes.

Rocket launchers are great for dealing burst damage at all ranges, though they can be a bit slow. Positron Ejectors can devastate targets at close range, but their damage falls off at greater distances. Mix and match weapons according to the situation.


Speed and range management are the two most important things to consider when fighting in a starship.

Carefully managing the ship’s speed is required when making quick and tight turns. It is also useful when strafing larger targets like freighters and big battleships. It is also directly tied to range management since not all weapons are good at all distances.

If taking on multiple ships is too hard, consider hiring some wingmen. The “Outlaws” update allows players to form their fighter squadron, which can be very helpful in big scuffles. Make sure to keep an eye out for these wingmen since they will make taking down targets much easier.